JISC Open Citations Project web site

The JISC Open Citations Project website at http://opencitations.net exists for several purposes:

and, most importantly,

The JISC Open Citations Project Home Page

For the purposes of this demonstration, we are running an instance of Fuseki, that provides access to the Open Citation Corpus in an underlying TDB quad store, with a local patch to enable query timeouts, as was done for the SPARQL endpoint of CLAROS, a related project in which we have been intimately involved.

The web site and the underlying RDF citation data follow key linked data principles:

  • We don’t use blank nodes
  • All URIs are dereferenceable and content-negotiable.
  • Where possible we use standard identifiers based on DOIs, ISSNs and ISBNs.

For users wishing to jump into the data, we provide tabs to access data about journals and articles, each giving greater detail about the contents as one clicks in.

The Journals page

Each Journal page displays metadata about the journal, and links to useful information and the ability to download the journal metadata in a variety of formats.

Details of one journal

The articles tab displays a subset of about 10% of the entire corpus, for speed of loading the demonstration.

The Articles Page

Each ‘article’ page displays details about the selected article and its citation network, using graphviz, along with a user input form to customise the display of the network, namely for input or output citations, and for different forms of display. The article metadata and the citation diagrams can be downloaded in various formats.

Input citations for Codon, C. (2007). Maturation and degradation of RNA in bacteria. Current Opinion in Microbiology 10(3): 271-278. doi:10.1016/j.mib.2007.05.008.

We also display the RDF properties of each entity, allowing a ‘follow your nose’ style of data discovery. Each page lists the SPARQL queries that were run to generate it, enabling the user to see how the site works and to tweak the queries for their own ends.

Further work is planned to display citations along a time axis, and to develop other tools to permit users to exploit the data.

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